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Una mirada al futuro. I Congreso IKASLAN de Formación Profesional

The 12 de diciembre de 2013 ha tenido lugar en el Palacio de Congresos Europa de Vitoria-Gasteiz el I Congreso de Formación Profesional de IKASLAN, la asociación...



La formación profesional está en un buen momento   Desde hace algunos años la formación profesional en España está siguiendo una tendencia expansiva, incluso...


Germany promotes the dual system in southern countries for skilled labor

On 10-11 December 2012 were gathered in Berlin, Ministers responsible for vocational training in Germany, Portugal, Greece, Spain,...


Rating models in Europe

The vast majority of European countries follow a model in which the qualification largest number of its employed population has a level of education ...


The crisis expels youth under 20 years of labor market

Late 2012 in Spain the participation rate of young people under 20 years was 12,1%. In years 70 that rate was around 60%. Since then ...

La formació professional a Espanya

Vocational training in Spain: Towards the knowledge society

Analysis of the Spanish vocational training system, identifying the main characteristics and challenges that will face on ...

Se l’idea di fiare uno Stato aiuta un progetto di paese

If the idea of ​​a State fiare helps a program for the country

Interview by Elena Marisol Brandolini and published credit Catalonia, Spain. The tough interlocking”. Editorial Ediesse. Rome 2013. Recull d'you interview ...

Articulación territorial y sectorial de la formación para el empleo en España

Territorial and sectoral employment training in Spain

Video conference summary “Territorial and sectoral employment training in Spain” held in the Conference “TRAINING ...

La formació Professional a Espanya

Vocational training in Spain

Oriol Homs, author of the volume 25 Collection of Social Studies in the Social La Caixa, discussed in this video highlights, the transition process in our ...



Royal Decree-Law 3/2011, of 18 February, urgent measures to improve the employability and reform of active employment policy lays the foundation ...



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