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The crisis expels youth under 20 years of labor market



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El futur del treball

The futur of treball

Una preocupació creixent dels organismes internacionals Recentment s’han publicat varis informes d’organismes internacionals (OCDE, OIT, World Economic Forum)1...


Late 2012 in Spain the participation rate of young people under 20 years was 12,1%. In years 70 that rate was around 60%. Since then, every economic crisis has accelerated the delayed entry of young people into the labor market confirming a structural trend that alienates youth employment. In Europe there are countries that achieved high proportions of their youth work activity: Denmark and the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom and Austria. In almost all countries the crisis has reduced the youth participation in the labor. We are facing a trend estructual. How sustainable is that young people reach adulthood without knowing the workplace? Can we learn from Denmark and the Netherlands a different relationship with the youth labor market?

Youth and employment

The 23 May 2013 participated in a debate on youth unemployment in the project with ponenncia TYEC “Academic training and integration in the labour market” . Seminar organized by the Foundation G. Brodolini y el Sindicato UIL (Italy), and CCOO (Spain).


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