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Vocational training in Spain



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Una mirada al futuro. I Congreso IKASLAN de Formación Profesional

The 12 de diciembre de 2013 ha tenido lugar en el Palacio de Congresos Europa de Vitoria-Gasteiz el I Congreso de Formación Profesional de IKASLAN, la asociación...


Oriol Homs, author of the volume 25 Collection of Social Studies in the Social La Caixa, discussed in this video highlights, the transition process in our country towards a modern vocational training of young people both before entering the labor market as active workers or unemployed who need to update their knowledge and skills.

The analysis provides a historical overview of the development of vocational training in Spain, considering, especially, the situation compared to the countries of the European. In this sense, notes the advances made in our country for such training in recent years, but notes, also, critical areas in which momentum is essential to make training a stimulus for the economy.

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